Cookies with lemon and olive oil

Sounds weird and not delicious? Yes. I thought so too but since I like using olive oil I decided to try them. Guess what! They are really good. Even my parents who don't really like olive oil loved them. Try them and you won't be sorry. You can make a small amount of them just... Continue Reading →


Poppy pastry

Is somebody coming for a visit and you have nothing to give on the table? Make this delicious poppy pastry in no time. Use a 180g yoghurt cup for measurement. Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 vanilla sugar 2 yoghurt cups sugar 2 yoghurt cups milk 2 yoghurt cups flour 1 baking powder few drops of rum... Continue Reading →

Chocolate muffins

My go to dessert is always muffins. My sister loves them and she asks me to make them when her friends are coming over. They're really easy to make and your kids or visitors will love them! The recipe is supposed to be for 12 muffins but I get 18-20 muffins each time. It depends... Continue Reading →

Summer tart

Yesterday I found lots of strawberries in my freezer so I decided to do what my family loves the most. Here's a recipe for the strawberry tart that I do almost every week in the summer. You can use any fruit that your heart desire or just use a mix of them. My summer tart... Continue Reading →

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