Hi! I’m Lana. I’m 18 and I come from Slovenia. I like doing many things like cycling, reading and singing. A few years ago when I was “forced” to cook for me and my sister during the summer, I realised that cooking and baking is actually really fun. After a couple years of cooking, I’m proud to say that I actually became a really good cook and you won’t be sorry for making common foods following my recipes. My mother always wanted to become a baker but unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity. We spend a lot of time baking and I’m more than just happy to share these delicious recipes and I  can guarantee you that they are really good.

I will share the recipes and photos so everyone will be able to cook/bake it no matter the age. If you are a mother and have a teenager at home, tell them to cook and you will have some time to do anything else.

Be free to share the result if you made something, you can ask questions or comment if there is something you didn’t like or would like to improve.

I’m also available on e-mail for any kinds of feedback: cookandbakewithlana@gmail.com



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